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Overseas products

We currently handle a wide variety of products based on requests from customers and the creation of our own unique needs.
We will continue to search for products that satisfy our customers with our unique know-how.

Line up

Overseas products lineup

One of the features of our company is the lineup of overseas products.
If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us.

Makers Image Products Features Applications
Locking elements
Lock nuts
Precision ground lock nuts
Power transmissions
Fixing of precision parts
Machine Tools
SILVERTHIN SILVERTHIN Thin ball bearings Space saving
Weight saving
Semiconductor equipments
Medical equipments
SMG SMC(SCHMEING) Plastic ball bearings Compatible with chemicals
High temperature compatible
No maintenance required
Weight saving
Semiconductor cleaning equipments
Plating equipments
Food equipments
Roller conveyors
Franke Franke Wire race bearings 4-point contact bearings
For compact design
Compatible with various housing materials
Impact resistance
Medical equipments (CT, MRI, etc.)
Machine Tools
Industrial robots
EUROSNODI EUROSNODI Spherical plain bearings
(Pheical plain bearings)
Self-lubricating with Teflon liner Screw conveyors
DICHTOMATIK DICHTOMATIK Oil seals Prevention of entry of foreign matter from the outside General industrial equipments
DICHTOMATIK V-Rings Prevention of outflow of oil and grease General industrial equipments
JAC JAC Couplings Many achievements for large gear couplings Steel industry
MARTIN MARTIN Tire couplings Bushing type that does not require hole/key processing Air conditioners
Replacement from hole/key type
optibelt optibelt V-Belts All kinds of energy-saving type
High transmission efficiency
Car industry
OPTIBELT Laser pointers Confirm alignment with laser Pulley for blower
OPTIBELT Tension measuring instrument Laser measurement of belt tension Overall locations where pulleys are used
SBC SBC Cam clutches Reverse rotation prevention of shaft by cam
Supports high load and high rotation
Compatible, Replaceable
OMAR STAR OMAR STAR Hydraulic pullers Easy device removal Assembly site
OMAR STAR Hydraulic pushers Easy equipment mounting Assembly site
DOUTEC DOUTEC Digital torque control wrenches Management of bolt and nut tightening torque General factory management
HUTCHINSON HUTCHINSON Anti-vibration rubber Reduces vibration, noise, and impact General factory management