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Currently, it is a product that we are particularly focusing on handling.
It is an epoch-making product lineup that "makes possible what was not possible before".

Focus products

wire race bearings

It is a product that fulfills the function of a bearing using a wire race.
As a result, the weight and space of the bearing can be greatly reduced, contributing to the overall weight reduction and compactness of the product.
(Franke is a German manufacturer)


  • 1. A special wire-shaped bearing ring holds the steel balls.
  • 2. Slimmer and lighter than conventional bearings with inner and outer rings.
  • 3. It can be integrated with peripheral parts to save space and greatly increase the degree of freedom in design.
  • 4. In addition to the cross-sectional shape of the wire raceway, the type of rolling element, and the shape of the cage, the material of each component can also be selected.
  • 5. The lineup consists of three elements: a single bearing with a wire raceway ring, a bearing assembly that incorporates the bearing into a ring or gear, and a rotary table system equipped with a direct drive motor.


  • ・Articulated robot
  • ・Rotary index table
  • ・Bearing for solar panel azimuth rotation
  • ・Aerial camera suspension
  • ・Slewing bearings for camera cranes
  • ・Tool changer
  • ・Circular knitting machine
  • ・Mounting head for substrate manufacturing
  • ・CT scanner
  • ・Centrifuge
  • ・Beverage bottling / tablet tube packaging


Optibelt is one of the world's leading belt manufacturers with a history of over 140 years.
Always provide the best drive design with cutting-edge technology.
(optibelt is a German manufacturer)


  • 1. Maintenance free (high performance wedge belt)
  • 2. Conduction efficiency of 97% (high performance wedge belt)
  • 3. No need to match the same lot (S=C Plus product)
  • 4. Abundant maintenance tools


  • ・Blowers/compressors
  • ・Road construction machinery
  • ・Agricultural machines
  • ・Gardening machinery
  • ・Cement industry
  • ・Textile machinery
  • ・Paper machine
  • ・Food & Beverage Machinery
  • ・Pulley centering (maintenance tool)
  • ・Belt tension measurement (maintenance tool)