Fly towards a prosperous future


Management philosophy

Customer first

The prosperity of a company comes from the prosperity of its customers.
We must never forget to be grateful to our customers and to be a company that exists because of our customers.
It is the responsibility of the company to fully respond to the demands of customers, and it is the fulfillment of its social responsibility.

An attractive company that we can be proud of
Thinking of a company as a place for human growth, striving to become a richer human being by working hard with each other to improve character, fully demonstrate and develop one's abilities, and live a rich and happy life. Aim to build the future.
Endless challenges
Continuing to develop the company further is to contribute to society.
From today to tomorrow, from this year to next year, we aim to create a company that provides even greater customer satisfaction and job satisfaction, and we will continue to challenge ourselves without limit.

Company Profile

Corporate number 9120001083420
Corporate name Ever-On Corporation
President Mr. Mamoru Maenishi
Founding December, 1937
Established December, 1954
Capital 46.2 million yen
Sales amount 3,426 million yen (fiscal year ended May 2022)
Settlement Once a year on May 31st
1-1-5 Ueshio Chuo-Ku Osaka, 542-0064, JapanMap
Tel: +81-6-6768-1005 Fax: +81-6-6764-5539
Higashi-Osaka Sales Office
6-29 Yokomakura-Nishi Osaka, 578-0956, JapanMap
Tel: +81-72-960-3920 Fax: +81-72-960-3921
Tokyo Sales Office
2-7-12 Torigoe Taito-Ku Tokyo 111-0054, JapanMap
Tel: +81-3-3866-3636 Fax: +81-3-3866-3637
Kakegawa Sales Office
342 Kuzukawa Kakegawa Shizuoka 436-0074, JapanMap
Tel: +81-537-22-1393 Fax: +81-537-22-1586
Utsunomiya Sales Office
430-10 Nishihara Cho Utsunomiya Tochigi 320-0826, JapanMap
Tel: +81-28-684-2053 Fax: +81-28-645-2095
Employee 92 (66 men, 25 women)


December, 1937 Three brothers Shozo Maenishi and Yoshiki Maenishi [the first president of Hanwa Kiko Co., Ltd.] and Sojiro Maenishi [the first president of Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd.] founded a bearing sales shop.
November, 1944 Yoshiki Maenishi opened Yamato Koki Sales Office
October, 1945 Sojiro Maenishi established Marugo Shokai
March 1951 Established by Yoshiki Maenishi
Company name: Hanwa Kiko Co., Ltd.
December 1954 Founded by Sojiro Maenishi
Company name: Taisho Jikuuke Co., Ltd.
December 1959 Taisho Jikuuke Co., Ltd. opened Tokyo Sales Office
January 1967 Taisho Jikuuke Co., Ltd. changed to Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd.
May 1969 Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd. established Taisho Seiki Co., Ltd.
June 1974 Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd. completed the inventory center (currently the headquarter building).
October 1974 Hanwa Kiko Co., Ltd. completed a store in the Osaka Machinery Wholesale Park.
May 1975 Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd. opened an overseas business divison
July 1981 Takao Maenishi was appointed as the representative director of Hanwa Kiko Co., Ltd.
October 1981 Yoshinobu Maenishi was appointed as the representative director of Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd.
October 1984 Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd. merged with Taisho Seiki Co., Ltd.
October 1993 Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd. opened Kakegawa Sales Office
March 2002 Taisho Kiko Co., Ltd. and Hanwa Kiko Co., Ltd. merged.
New company name: Ever-On Corporation
October 2006 Opened Utsunomiya Sales Office
August 2008 Opened Higashi-Osaka Sales Office
September 2017 Mamoru Maenishi appointed as President and Representative Director


1-1-5 Ueshio Chuo-Ku Osaka, 542-0064, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6768-1005 Fax: +81-6-6764-5539